Selected Poetry

Gradient Red Yellow

"Love is an Element," Literary Mama

November/December 2022

"Sentence Fragment as Argument," "Shored Fragments," The Dodge

October 2022

Beach Sunset

"Epilogue," Eastern Iowa Review

October 2022


"morningbirds," Pleiades, Volume 42, Issue 1

Spring 2022

Pack of Fish

"Fall Was Once Fire Season in Los Angeles," "Portrait of Evening as Song," Isele Magazine

March 2022

Pink Rose
Dramatic Sunset

"Dialogues with Grief," Rust and Moth

Spring 2022

"Winter Jar," The Shore

December 2021

"Not a Synonym for Spanish," "Joy Ride in Box Canyon," Shelia-Na-Gig online

Fall 2021

Bee on Flower

"Tomorrow's Train," Leon Literary Review

February 2021

Spring Quilt

"I am Your Mother," Literary Mama

November/December 2020


"The Missing Things," Moria

November 2020