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 selected poems online

"California Stars," Love Is an Element," and "A Little Madness in the Spring" (Fevers of the Mind Poetry)

"Letting Go" and "Ode to a Young Girl at the Window" (Hoxie Gorge Review)

"What it Is" (Pinhole Poetry)

"Superbloom," "A Little Love Letter to California in Summer" (Anacapa Review)

"Blue" (awarded 3rd place prize of the tide rises, the tide falls: an oceanic literary magazine's 2023 "seasick" contest)

"After October" (Boats Against the Current)

"Rumination" (West Trestle Review)

"Ode to a White Cloud" (Stone Circle Review)

"Middle Age" (Sweet Lit)

"Atrocity" (Peatsmoke Journal)--

nominated for Pushcart Prize

"Epilogue" (Eastern Iowa Review)

Menopause is a Metaphor" (One Art)

"Fall Was Once Fire Season in Los Angeles" & "Portrait of Evening as Song" (Isele Magazine)

"Dialogues with Grief" (Rust & Moth)

"Winter Jar" (The Shore Poetry)

"When Life Gives You Lemons" and "Hometown" (Pioneertown)

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