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selected poems


"Blue" (Mom Egg Review Online)

"Rumination" (West Trestle Review)

"Ode to a White Cloud" (Stone Circle Review)

"Middle Age" (Sweet Lit)

"Letter to a Young Woman Poet" (Plainsongs) -- one of three award poems for the Winter 2023 issue


"Sky in September" & "The Sun Also Rises" (Olit)

"Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis is Incurable" (Scapegoat Review)

"Love is an Element" (Literary Mama)

"Atrocity" (Peatsmoke Journal)--

nominated for Pushcart Prize

"Sentence Fragment as Argument" & "Shored fragments" (The Dodge)

"Epilogue" (Eastern Iowa Review)

"morningbirds" (Pleiades)

Menopause is a Metaphor" (One Art)

"Monograph" (Gigantic Sequins)

"Dear America" (Atlas & Alice)

"Fall Was Once Fire Season in Los Angeles" & "Portrait of Evening as Song" (Isele Magazine)

"Dialogues with Grief" (Rust & Moth)

"Language of Rivers" (Variant Literature)


"Winter Jar" (The Shore Poetry)

"Sky Light" and other poems (ucity review) -- named noteworthy poet in December 2021 issue 

"Joy Ride in Box Canyon" & "Not a Synonym for Spanish" (Shelia-Na-Gig Online)-- the latter was nominated for Pushcart Prize

"Summer Starlight" (Capsule Stories)

"Cinnamon Sand" (The Shoutflower)

"I Tell My Children They Will Die" (Eco Theo Review)

"When Life Gives You Lemons" and "Hometown" (Pioneertown)

"Disappeared Years" (Kissing Dynamite Poetry)

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